Tala de los Santos - Global Program Leader, Diagnostics

Throughout the world, we can find instances where the market has failed to deliver sustainable solutions.  Whether addressing education, health, or energy, a market may not have the necessary capital, expertise, or free cash flow to design and create an adequate response to a community challenge.

In this week's episode, we explore how PATH is taking a proactive approach to commercializing health solutions in some of our most remote communities.  Tala de los Santos, Global Program Leader for Diagnostics, walks us through the core processes PATH uses to bring new products to market.  Along the way, she talks about her own professional journey, the importance of building an informal network, and challenges of last mile implementation.

Show Notes:

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Tala recognized by the Washington Global Health Alliance.

Photo of the Onchocerciasis Test Kit:



Tala de los Santos is the Diagnostics Global Program Leader at PATH, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and improving health, especially among women and children. PATH accelerates innovation across five platforms—vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations—that harnesses entrepreneurial insight, scientific and public health expertise, and passion for health equity.

At PATH, Tala oversees a team of scientists, public health specialists, and business strategists focused on making appropriate diagnostic technologies available, broadly accessible, and integrated within health systems in low-resource settings.

Tala has more than ten years of experience in managing product development and commercialization in both the public and private sector. Her experience spans the entire cradle-to-grave product life cycle: assessing user and market needs during early feasibility, collaborating with researchers and developers to ensure fidelity to the target product profile and timely product launch, and managing supply-chain logistics to support product introduction and implementation.

Tala earned her Master of Science degree from Stanford University and her Master of Business Administration degree at Seattle University. She completed her undergraduate degree at Mount Holyoke College.